Brightwell goes to Port Maya

Every so often, Brightwell team members get an incredible career opportunity – the chance to go on-ship to meet with the people who use Brightwell’s products and services. Why is this such a great career opportunity? Every day, we’re working to design and create a product for people from the other side of the world who have entirely different cultures, perspectives, and values. The only way Brightwell can create something of value is to better understand the people who use our product – You.

In March of 2019, five other Brightwell team members and I  had the amazing opportunity to fly down to Port Maya and meet with the crew of 11 Carnival cruise ships. Our one goal for this trip was to help as many crew members as we could during the window of time we were given on each ship.

The days were jammed packed. Once we arrived in port each morning, we hustled through security and were greeted by the financial director and paymaster, then guided to the I-95 to set up shop for the day. Thanks to the communication we had with each ship, crew were well aware of our arrival and were already lined up waiting for us!

The lines were long, the crowded hallways were hot, but that did not stop us from answering the crew’s questions and powering through any Brightwell account problems. We corrected account issues like forgetting login information and adding a bank account, to resolving Cash Pickup issues and investigating failed bank transfers. Over the course of five days, we were able to assist 478+ Carnival team members!

“We brought the same level of energy on day five that we did on day one. Going to 11 ships in 5 days with team members lined down I-95 to ask us questions was exhilarating!” – Mona, Client Success Specialist

We came onboard to help you, because we care, Brightwell cares. Nothing is more important than making sure your money gets home to your family. That is our number one priority. However, we feel that the most substantial impact of this trip cannot be measured by numbers: you helped re-ignite our passion. Brightwell team member, Shelia, said it best, “I am most thankful for the opportunity to refresh my belief in what our mission is for crew and know first-hand we are making a difference.”

We feel honored to help you and the incredible, unexpected gratitude you extended to us during our time on ship was such a surprise! We received:

– a handwritten note

– a beautiful flower clip from Indonesia

– candies from all of the beautiful countries the team members come from

– hugs, hugs, and more hugs

Every day we come to work committed to empower you to achieve your dreams – gaining financial independence to live a healthier, more secure, and prosperous life. Cheers to future adventures with crew members that we are inspired by and proud to serve!