Simplified Payroll.
Empowered Crew.

With the global insights of an established organization and the spirit of a startup, we work tirelessly to provide the perfect financial solutions for you and your crew.

At Brightwell, we never settle, tailoring payment solutions for businesses across the globe, for the needs (and empowerment) of diverse crews everywhere.

Benefits to You:

  • Reduced payment and remittance costs
  • Minimized onboard cash
  • Unparalleled client support
  • Fewer complicated and time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Ensured compliance
  • Increased crew loyalty

Benefits to Your Crew:

  • Instant access to funds on payday
  • Ability to send money home without leaving the ship
  • Access to cash at ATMs worldwide
  • Global acceptance; both online and in stores, everywhere Visa® or Mastercard® debit cards are accepted.
  • Greater control over financial management and planning
  • Reduced payment and remittance costs

Some of Our Strategic Partnerships

Norwegian Cruise Line

After 9/11, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) faced difficulties getting cash aboard their ships. Enter Brightwell, who not only eliminated the need for cash-handling, but also reduced administrative tasks and improved upon their previous methodologies of distributing pay. NCL was able to enjoy enormous savings on courier costs, and the crew were no longer forced to incur expensive fees to convert cash from Euro to USD, and then into other currencies if they needed to send money to loved ones back home.

Besides a marked financial benefit, Brightwell’s platform allowed for enhanced safety and security onboard by taking cash out of the equation. With the removal of cash, the crew didn’t have to stow their cash in unsecured locations in the shared cabin environments, and could rest easy knowing their hard-earned pay was safe, secure, and available to them when they need it.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) chose Brightwell due to the overall product offering and economical value to their crew. Brightwell already had all CCL’s concessioners on the program, so having a uniformed digital payroll program onboard sealed the deal. Brightwell custom-developed a program around CCL’s specific implementation and onboarding needs, removing the need for CCL’s shoreside Miami employees to spend precious time troubleshooting hundreds upon hundreds of manual wires each month. 

Brightwell’s dedication to relationship management, prioritizing flexibility and attentiveness to a client’s needs, were of additional value to CCL, most notably Brightwell’s ongoing presence and involvement aboard the ship after implementation to address unresolved concerns or answer lingering questions.

Costa Cruises

Following a recommendation from their sister brand Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises partnered with Brightwell when they chose to upgrade to a debit card provider that could offer additional features, such as recurring bank account transfers and a mobile app. Many of Costa’s officers also faced the frustration of having to receive their pay on USD denominated cards, so Brightwell’s inclusion of a Euro-currency prepaid card added extra value to the Costa crew’s specific needs.

Previously, Costa had an opt-in program with low adoption. After implementing their program with Brightwell, they had 100% digital program participation for the first time, becoming the first large cruise line to go completely cashless with no onboard ATMs.