Meet Our Team of Brightwellians

Brightwell is a team of 60+ talented individuals and we are growing quickly to support thousands of new customers every day. Similar to the users we serve, our team has always been diverse across every metric, including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and background. We value a wide range of experiences and perspectives and believe magic happens when they come together.

Alison Clott
Project Manager
Amber Chatmon
Software Engineer
Annick Huber
UX/UI Designer
Audrey Hall
SVP, Marketing
Becky Colcord
Implementations Specialist
Berta Platas
Manager, Customer Service
Brittany Murray
Customer Support Specialist
Cara Hanrahan
Implementations Specialist
Casey Burke
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Chris Hattrich
Platform Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer
Cody Rushing
Team Lead, Sr. Client Services Specialist
Connie Brands
Client Development Specialist
Connie Ford
Compliance and Contract Analyst
Cori Allen
Director of Product
Cory McDaniel
Software Engineer
Dan Chimento
Apps Team Lead, Software Engineer
Daniel Lyon
Lead iOS Developer
David Thurman
Lead Android Developer
Debbie Alexander
Customer Support Specialist
Dominique Mayfield
Customer Support Specialist
Donte Blair
Customer Support Specialist
Emily Hirano
Product Manager
Garrett LaBrie
Visual Designer
Gracious Mbubaegbu
Client Development Specialist
Hal Ramakers
SVP, Global Solutions
Jacob Uwujaren
Software Engineer
Jamie Alcorn
IT Support Manager
Jamie Whited
Director of Client Support
Jerilyn Chambers
Senior Client Development Specialist
Joe Bechely
Senior Marketing Strategist
John Markendorf
SVP, Client Services
John McEwan
Chief Financial Officer
John Pullen
QA Analyst
John Reblando
Director, Implementations
John Sewell
Customer Support Specialist
Justin Masinko
Client Development Specialist
Justin Mattingly
TechOps Analyst
Kelly O’Malley
Kenielle Ford
Customer Support Specialist
Kristen Swearingen
Director of Engineering
Kyle Fix
Product Manager
Larry Hipp
Chief Operating Officer
Latisha Devereux
Transaction Monitoring Analyst
Lorena Sykes
Marketing Specalist
Lynn Cherry
Chief Compliance Officer
Marie Torbiak
VP, Account Management
Mark Murphy
Business Analyst
Mary Buford Jenkins
Director, Administration
Matt Hylton
Manager, IT Infrastructure
Mehrun Rahman
QA Team Lead, QA Analyst
Mike Gaburo
Chief Executive Officer
Mona Sotoodeh
Customer Support Specialist
Prashanthi Mudireddy
Financial Data Analyst
Robert Turpin
Director, Technical Operations
Rod Bothwell
Compliance Utility / Support Analyst
Rosalind Moss
Director, Compliance and Risk Management
Sara Pickett
Transaction Monitoring Analyst
Scot Brands
SVP, Finance
Selena Jenkins
Customer Support Specialist
Shaun Rossman
Client Development Specialist
Sheila Santangelo
Special Projects Coordinator
Sheri Blight
Product Marketing Specialist
Stewart Horton
Software Engineer
Susan Perry
Staff Accountant
Tashana Pink
Sr. Staff Accountant
Teshia Ransome
Staff Accountant
Xiomer Senior
Database Administrator